Spatie ACL Error: "Trait 'Laravel\Passport\HasApiTokens' not found"

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    Amit Rawat 7 months ago

    Hi Guys,

                Thanks for a great tutorial for implementing ACL in laravel 5.6. I have followed the steps given in the tutorial but It throws an error when I try to register an user. The error is as follows:

    "Trait 'Laravel\Passport\HasApiTokens' not found"

    I have been struggling for past two days to fix this issue. Also, there are no result regarding this issue when I googled it. Here is the link for the tutorial Please provide your suggestions and fixes. It would be a greate help. Thanks is advance.

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    Carsten Nelke 7 months ago

    You should install Passport. Watch here:


    It´s quite simple. I had the same problem and i solved it this way. 

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