How to Find Text File String in Python?




How to Find Text File String in Python?

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Today our leading topic is how to find strings in a text file in Python. I would like to share with you Python find string in a text file. We will look at an example of Python finding a specific string in a text file. if you have question about how to find words in a text file Python then I will give a simple example with a solution

If you are looking to find a string in a text file using a Python program. then there are lots of ways to do this. Here, I will give you a very simple example to search for text in a file python. we will create an example.txt with some dummy text. we will find the "Solution" string from that text file. you can see the following code here:

Example :

Here, we will create "example.txt" file as like the below:


This is


Now, we will create file and find string from that file as like the below code:

findString = "Solution"

with open('example.txt') as f:

if findString in