How To Solve “bash: netstat: command not found” error on Ubuntu?




How To Solve “bash: netstat: command not found” error on Ubuntu?

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Through this tutorial, we will see how to resolve the 'bash: netstat: command not found' error on Ubuntu/Debian. This error can occur when the 'netstat' command is unavailable or not installed on your system. We'll review the steps to install 'netstat' and get it working properly.

This tutorial is focused on how to solve the bash netstat command not found error on Ubuntu. you can see netstat command not found error on Ubuntu. this example will help you how to install netstat command in linux. step by step explain how to install netstat on Ubuntu.

A quick solution for this error is installing the netstat command in Ubuntu or Debian. Execute the following command to install netstat tool on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install net-tools

This simply means that the relevant package net-tools which includes netstat executable is not installed, thus missing. The package net-tools may not be installed on your system by default so you need to install it manually.

Meanwhile, let’s have a look into the usage of netstat command.

List All netstat Commands

netstat -h

List All Ports and Connections using nestat command:

Run the following netstat command to list all ports and connections.

netstat -a

List All TCP Ports

netstat -at

List All UDP Ports

netstat -au

List Only Listening Ports

netstat -l

List TCP Listening Ports

netstat -lt

List UDP Listening Ports

netstat -lu

Display PID

netstat -tp

Find Listening Programs

netstat -lp

Find a Process That Is Using a Particular Port using netstat command

netstat -an | grep ':[port number]'

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