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In this blog, I will show you how set, get, delete cookies in laravel application. We will takl about set cookies in laravel and how to get cookies in laravel. This tutorial will give how to forget cookies in laravel.

In this article we will learn how to get/retrieve cookies in laravel. You will learn how to create/set, get/retrive, delete/destroy cookies in laravel web application.

What is Cookies?

Basically, Cookies are a small data file, which is stored in the remote browser. And by the help of cookies tracking/identifying return users in web applications.

You can get/fetch, set/create and delete/destroy cookies in laravel using the cookies methods like Cookie:make(), Cookies::get(), Cookies::forget().

Cookies Syntex

$cookie = Cookie::make($name, $value, $minutes, $path, $domain,$secure, $httpOnly);

Create and Set Cookies

In this step We will show how to create or set cookies in laravel using


$cookie = Cookie::make('name', 'value', 120);

You can set cookies forever then you can use

cookies::forever() method so let's see the bellow example:

$cookie = Cookie::forever('name', 'value');

Get/Retrieve Cookies

Now We will get/retrieve cookies in laravel using cookie::get() method:

$val = Cookie::get('cookieName');

Delete/Destroy Cookies

In this example, We will delete/destroy cookies in laravel using Cookie::forget() method:

$cookie = Cookie::forget('cookieName');

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